dreamy indiepop


THE LVE started out as an after-midnight-eight-track-project. Soon there would be gigs in chapels, woods, on docksides, in Scotland and in random living rooms.

In 2010 THE LVE locked themselves up in a deserted cabin surrounded by rhododendrons and came out with a mystical, dreamy sound.

In 2012 THE LVE released their well-received debut EP. Songs were picked up by Radio 1 and national television.

The band - incl. members of The Jacquelines and You Raskal You - played at Trix, Kinky Star, Gentse Feesten, opening De Invasie, DOK Gent, 4AD, Video, STUK ... 

In 2013, THE LVE got into the playlists from Radio 1 and Urgent FM, 3 weeks on #1 in the 22tracks charts, international music blog posts - with their indie hit single Milky Sea. The story continues in 2014 with South African radio station Bok Radio adding Milky Sea to their daily rotation! 
THE LVE released a new single Love When You Don't Want It (August 2014). In the video (7000 views) they do a modern take on motown attitude. Love ... went viral once again, picked up on prestigious music blogs from Europe to South-America, got in rotation of German radio stations. 

In 2015 THE LVE promises: a new single (spring 2015) and a FULL ALBUM (0ctober 2015)! 

THE LVE online



Love When You Don't Want It - Digital release (2014)
Milky Sea (Single) - Digital Release (2013)

Lightning Vishwa Experience (EP) - July 2012


"Extermely talented newcomers from Belgium (...) Lightning Vishwa Experience are slowly paving their way to the top of the Belgian, and possibly international music scene." (Beehype - September 2014)

" Responsable for one of the best Belgian songs of 2013" (VIDEO Gent - November 2013 - translated from Dutch) 

" Why we like this Experience-with-the-impossible name: because they make songs with character, because their EP is well recorded and played with enthusiasm, because they are not just another one-of-those-every-day indiebands. On top of that they present some excellent references: musicians from The Jacquelines and You Raskal You, concerts at Trix and De Invasie, a debut on the label I have A Tiger Records, airplay on Radio 1 and a song on the recently released cover record Berchem of Dead Man Ray. We are completely convinced of the charm and class of this band and we hope the same for you!" DEMOCRAZY -- May 2013 (translated from Dutch)

" ... LVE doesn’t charm less with this EP. On the contrary, these fine-tuned versions are not only more powerful, they are also more effective. From the first till the last song, this ep will move you – in all its simplicity. The band says they sound best after midnight. With this day coming to an end, we warmly recommend Lightning Vishwa Experience.”  CUTTING EDGE -- July 2012 (translated from Dutch)