Kinetic art in new video The LVE ‘Hi On Love’

Kinetic art in new video The LVE ‘Hi On Love’

‘Hi On Love’ is a new single from the critically acclaimed album ‘The LVE’. Both song and video are different from normal. The song was recorded on a 4-track-cassette recorder. And kinetic artist Jesse Cremers presents the band in the video.


Hi On Love is real. Time goes by slowly. And words hardly exist.
To get that feeling on a record, The LVE chooses to record straight to tape. With a 4-track-cassetterecorder. With a 1933 Stella guitar and a drum loop.
The vocals from Gerrit and Sara are the first vocal take.  And they had to be.


Jesse Cremers is a kinetic artist from Belgium. His work is surprising, childish and often useless. In this video, Jesse represents the band.

Hope you like. And if you do … Spread The LVE!




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